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Re-thinking World Cinema

Keynote Speaker : Keya Ganguly
Associate Professor, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Minnesota
Editor of Cultural Critique

Saturday, November 15 / 10AM – 4:30 PM / Charles E. Merrill Room

This day-long workshop will be devoted to exploring the question, “Why World Cinema?” In this day and age of globalism, the existing paradigms in cinema studies, such as national cinema, international cinema, and third world cinema, are too narrow and area-bound. The generic categorization of World Cinema as “anything but American cinema” is inadequate as well. Filmmakers world-wide share a common grammar, language, and heritage with intimate links to classic American and independent cinema. The immense popularity of film festivals, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, has created and continues to nurture a world community of filmmakers and cinema-goers.


10-10:20 AM - Coffee and Tea

10:20 AM
Welcome: Dilip Basu ( UCSC )

10:30-11 AM
Keya Ganguly ( University of Minnesota )
The Moment of World Cinema: Cinematic Internationalism Reconsidered

11 -11:30 AM
Negar Mottahedeh ( Duke University )

Iranian Cinema: A Woman's Cinema?

11:30-12 NOON
Dan Selden ( UCSC )
Alexander The Queer: Oliver Stone and Our Boys in Iraq

12-12:30 PM
Bruce Thompson ( UCSC )
Neo-Realism in Post-WW II Cinema

12:30- 1 PM
Juan Poblete ( UCSC )
New National Cinemas in a Transnational Age

1- 2 PM - LUNCH - Merrill Provost House

2- 4 PM
Dan Selden, Moderator

David Anthony (History), Dilip Basu (History), Hunter Bivens (Literature), Ana Maria Seara (Portuguese Studies), B. Ruby Rich (Community Studies), Bruce Thompson (History), Giulia Centineo (Italian Studies), Guillermo Delgado-P (Latin American Studies), Juan Poblete (Literature), Peter Kenez (History), Lourdes Martinez-Echazabal (Literature), Maria Elena Diaz (History), Norma Klahn (Literature), Yiman Wang ( Film Studies), Keya Ganguly (Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies- UMN), Negar Mottahedeh( Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Duke) and others.

Each person will speak briefly (5 minutes) about her/his interests and thoughts on World Cinema followed by open discussion and
interaction. The proceedings will be recorded.

4 - 4:30 PM

Dilip Basu ( Moderator )

For more information, please contact Dilip Basu,

Sponsored by the World Cinema Research Cluster, Merrill College, Kresge College, and the Satyajit Ray Film and Study Center

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