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The Feminism and Pornography Research Cluster presents:
Shine Louise Houston & Syd Blakovic
Pink & White Productions
“Queer Feminist Pornography: A Look at the Products and Politics of Pink & White Productions”

Tuesday, December 1 / 4-6 PM / Humanities 210

See recommended reading/viewing material below.
Shine Louise Houston is the founder/director and Syd Blakovic is a producer/performer at Pink & White Productions, an award-winning adult entertainment company that explores the complexities of queer sexual desire.  Pink & White specializes in lesbian and transgendered pornography featuring performers of diverse genders and ethnicities. Pink & White’s orientation is feminist, and many of the performers are also the writers, producers, or directors. Houston and Blakovic can speak to various facets of pornography production: the economic side of producing and distributing alternative pornographies; the labor and performance aspects of the production process; and the artistic, aesthetic, and creative dimensions of making pornography. They suggest how feminist and queer provocations can transform pornography production. Topics include: What makes feminist pornography feminist? How does the content produced by Pink & White differ from mainstream pornography? How does it reflect and rework the heteronormative pornographic imaginary? How is the production process different? Who buys this material and who benefits from the commercial sale of alternative pornographies?

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years old to attend this seminar.

In advance of the seminar, Shine and Syd recommend that you become acquainted with their work by visiting their websites and/or watching one of their DVD's (links below).

Please note: These websites contain explicit sexual material and can only be visited by adults, aged 18 years or older.

Ongoing Project:
(Syd Blakovic plays the character named "Shawn")

Company Website:

Syd Blakovic's Website:

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