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MAY 18-19
The Emerging Worlds Initiative Presents:

Hard and Soft Currencies: Cash in Everyday Life
MONDAY, May 18 / 3:30-5 PM / Humanities 210

The Materiality of Value
TUESDAY, May 19 / 10 AM-12:30 PM/ Social Sciences I, Room 261

Jane Guyer is Professor of Anthropology at The Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Her research in West Africa has focused on the themes of agricultural production and monetization. She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. She is the author, most recently, of Marginal Gains: Monetary Transactions in Atlantic Africa (Chicago, 2004), she is preparing a co-edited collection titled Number as Inventive Frontier. The present paper is one of a series on Cultures of Monetarism. (For more information on Professor Guyer, visit

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