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MAY 22
The Science Studies Research Cluster presents:

TransMaterialities: Relating across Difference

FRIDAY, May 22 / 9 AM-5 PM / Humanities 210

The UCSC Science Studies Research Cluster invites you to attend our day-long conference entitled "TransMaterialities: Relating across Difference." Conference panels will consist of graduate student speakers and faculty respondents. Focusing on questions of materiality, the panels will address practices of relating across and between genders, species, spaces, knowledges, sexualities, subjectivities, and temporalities.

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TransMaterialities Conference Schedule


Opening Statements: Martha Kenney and Mary Weaver, Co-Chairs, UCSC Science Studies Cluster


Apparatuses of Bodily Production

Sara Orning, Literature, UCSC
Manipulable Materialities: How the Monster gave us the Human

Benjamin Roome, Philosophy, UCSC
The Materialization of ADHD

Janelle Lamoreaux, Anthropology, Berkeley
The Seed worth Sending to Space: Explorations in Chinese Semen Analysis

Respondent: Maureen McNeil, Centre for Gender and Women's Studies and Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics, Lancaster University


Coffee Break


Towards Intimate Understandings

Natalie Purcell, Sociology, UCSC
Understanding and Addressing Cruelty in Interspecies Encounters: The Case of Industrial Livestock Production

Mary Weaver, History of Consciousness, UCSC
Monster-Trans: monstrous affect and transgender politics

Respondent: Kate O’Riordan, Media and Film, University of Sussex


Lunch Break


Semiotics of Encounter

Natalie Loveless, History of Consciousness, UCSC
The Artist's Knowledge: Practice in the Flesh of Theory

Katherine Parrish, OISE, University of Toronto
The Game is Rigged: Representations of the Gendered Body in Interactive Fiction

Rheana Juno Parrenas, Social Anthropology, Harvard University
Transpecies Semiotics and the Everyday of Semi-Autonomy

Respondent: Carla Freccero, Literature, UCSC


7th Inning Stretch


Inhabited/Inherited Landscapes

Allison Athens, Literature, UCSC
Living with Caribou: Real and Figural Time in the Arctic

Sha LaBare, History of Consciousness, UCSC
Chronicling Mars

Travis Williams, Sociology, UCSC
Environmental Decision-Making as Public Drama: On the Public Poetics of ‘Science’ in Mountaintop Removal Discourse

Respondent: Anna Tsing, Anthropology, UCSC


Closing Remarks- Donna Haraway, History of Consciousness, UCSC


View the Call for Papers.

For more information, contact Martha Kenney and Mary Weaver

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