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Transmaterialities: Relating across Difference

FRIDAY, May 22 / 9 AM-5 PM / Humanities 210 / University of California, Santa Cruz

“To be one is to become with many” – Donna Haraway
“Human nature is an interspecies relationship” – Anna Tsing
“Relata do not preexist relations” –Karen Barad

The UCSC Science Studies Research Cluster invites scholars from across the disciplines to submit abstracts for our one-day graduate student conference, TransMaterialities: Relating across Difference. Focusing on questions of materiality that have been vital to the tradition of feminist science studies, this conference will explore practices of relating across and between genders, species, spaces, knowledges, sexualities, subjectivities, and temporalities. Instead of taking these categories and their objects for granted, we endeavor to investigate how they are materialized by and sedimented out of dynamic intra-actions. At stake in these investigations are questions of being/becoming, knowing, getting along together, and living well in technoscientific worlds.

Our theme is intentionally broad and open to divergent interpretations. Since science studies has a deep history of being methodologically and topically promiscuous, we hope to elicit not only abstracts that consider the materiality of technoscientific inquiry, but also practices that are artistic, ecological, literary, domestic, bodily, and pedagogical. We take relating across difference not just as our subject, but as central to our mode of engagement as we work towards creating partial translations between diverse knowers.

In order to facilitate lively intra-action, the conference will be organized into panels of 3-4 graduate students. Each panel will have its own faculty respondent who will help to draw out and respond to the resonances and dissonances between the different papers. We will then open the floor to thirty minutes of questions from the audience and conference participants, allowing for themes and concerns from other panels to be pulled through.

If this brief description entices you, please submit an abstract of 200-500 words to Martha Kenney ( by Monday, April 20th (the sooner the better). Papers should be 15 minutes in length. Audio/Visual equipment is available.

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