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Fourth Annual Asia-Pacific-Americas Research Cluster (APARC)
Graduate Research Conference

Mobility in Asia, the Americas, and the Pacific

Saturday, February 21 / 9 AM–4 PM / Humanities 210

Papers and panels address 1) the movement of ideas, people, and tangible and intangible goods along networks of people, technology, and water; 2) how mobility plays in the making of conceptual frameworks for ethnic, transnational, gendered, indigenous and other identities; and 3) how borders, boundaries, and other spatial categories can interfere with or arise from mobility.

Dr. Hyung Il Pai, East Asian Languages & Cultures, History, UC Santa Barbara
Touring Japan’s Mythical Homelands: The Search for Authenticity and the
Marketing of Heritage Destinations in the Empire (1905-1945)

Sponsored by the Asia Pacific Americas Research Cluster

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