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The Colonial Atlantic Worlds Research Cluster presents: 
Susan Buck-Morss
Department of Government, Cornell University

SEMINAR: “From Hegel and Haiti to Islam and Beyond”
Friday, February 19 / 12 – 2 PM / Humanities 545

Readings will be posted to this page one week prior to the event.

LECTURE: “Apocalypse at Santa Cruz”
Friday, February 19 / 4 – 6 PM / Humanities 210

Susan Buck-Morss is Professor of Political Philosophy and Social Theory and Director of Visual Studies at Cornell University. Her books, including The Dialectics of Seeing: Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project (MIT, 1989) and Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West (MIT, 2000), have been translated into many languages.  Most recently, in Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History (Pittsburgh, 2009), she has completed her defense of the political possibilities of universalism, and in Thinking Past Terror: Islamism and Critical Theory on the Left (Verso, 2003), she began a project on the complexities of Islamism, modern and ancient, as a discourse of political opposition.

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