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The Urban Studies Research Cluster presents:

Ananya Roy
City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley

SEMINAR: “Slumdog Cities: The Politics of Subaltern Urbanism”

Thursday, January 14 / 2 – 4 PM / Namaste Lounge

Readings will be available from or online at: Studies Research Cluster

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The study of megacities in the global South is dominated by two contrasting paradigms: an apocalyptic vision of a "planet of slums" and a populist vision of entrepreneurial "shadow cities."  This talk examines such paradigms, calling into question the ways "subaltern urbanism" is framed. Drawing on postcolonial theory, it makes the case for new geographies of theory.

Ananya Roy works in comparative urban studies and international development.

Co-sponsored by the Departments of Sociology, Feminist Studies, and Colleges 9 & 10.

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