The Center for Cultural Studies Audio Archives

The Center for Cultural Studies announces the creation of an Audio Tape Archive and McHenry Library. Audio recordings of many Center-sponsored lectures, colloquia, and conferences dating back to 1989 are now available through CRUZCAT, the online listings of campus library holdings. Audio tapes may be searched by the speaker's name, or seach on author name "Center for Cultural Studies" to retrieve a listing of all tapes in the archive. Where the speakers have granted permission for these tapes to be duplicated, copies can be ordered through the Audio Tape Duplication Unit at McHenry (408-459-2324) for a nominal cost.

Among the highlights of the archive are lectures by Angela Davis, Richard Rorty, Carla Freccero, Herman Gray, David Wilson, Wendy Brown, Jonathan Goldberg, Hortense Spillers, Dorothy Allison, and many others, with more tapes of past and present being added continuously.

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