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Past Conferences


The Multispecies Salon
Intimate Politics: A Roundtable
BIO[X]: New Iterations of Lively Bodies
Movement and Space in the Making of the Pacific
The Unanswerable Questions of Political Responsibility: A Multi-Media Dialogue
Historicism, Homonormativity, and Queer Political Formations
The Analytic Scene: Translations & Transferences


A Conversation on the Affect of Racialization
States of War: The Geopolitical Logic of Contemporary Capitalism
Producing the Nation
The Affect of Racialization: Conversation II
Other Globalizations Symposium: Reflections on Katrina: Place, Persistence, and the Lives of Cities
40 Years After the Cultural Revolution: A Roundtable
The Cultures of Socialism in Cuba: The 1960s, 1990s, and Beyond
Latino/a Americans in a Global Context
Women of Color in the Sciences


Western Humanities Alliance Conference: Delusion and Lucidity
Queer Conversations: Race
Turkey/Europe: A Symposium
Towards a Contemporary Analysis of the Category Women of Color
A Public Forum on the Bush Presidency, Neo-conservatism, and Opposition
Popularizing Asia Pacific Americas
Religion, Violence, Nation: A Cross-Regional Conversation
Sexuality in Psychoanalysis: Primal Scenes, Phantasm, Drive
On Race, Geopolitics and Feminism(s): A Conversation



The U.S. Left, After
New Comparative Formations in U.S. Studies
Queer Interdisciplinary Studies
Other Globalizations: Histories, Trans-regionalisms, and Cultural Formations
Poetry in a Time of Crisis - Is Poetry Enough?
Translating History: Knowledges, Practices, Powers
Americas Studies: The New, Newest Thing



Queer Theory Conference: Desire: Past, Present, Future
(De)Colonizing Religion Conference: Disciplines|Politics|Identities
Popular Culture Research Cluster Symposium, Promises and Possibilities: A New Look at Popular Culture



Translating Jewish Texts
Women and the Silent Screen
Remapping Black Europe: New Feminist Cartographies of Race, Gender, and Nation
Americanist Centennials: Columbus to Moby-Dick
Feminist Interventions: Rethinking South Asia
California Studies: A Conversation



New Technologies of Gender
Place, Locality and Globalization
Thinking about Diaspora: Latin American and Jewish Culture
Reading Holocaust Literature: David Grossman & Contemporary Writing
Decolonizing Methodology and Beyond: Constructing Indigenous Methodologies
Worlding: World Literature, Field Imaginaries, Futures Practices
Mapping Genders, Mapping Histories: Rethinking South Asia



Queer Encounters II: Crusades & (Post-) Colonialisms
The Color of Violence
Sovereignty 2000: Locations of Contestation and Possibility



What Comes After Progress?

After 1898/1998: What Hemispheric Cultural Studies?
A Curricular Workshop: Civizational Thinking



Left Conservatism: A Workshop
Histories of the Future
Post-Positions: Culture on the Move
Contesting 1898: Marking a Century of Resistance in Puerto Rico and Hawai'i

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