Fall 2019

October 16
Sara Mameni, California Institute of the Arts
On the Terracene

October 23
Elizabeth Marcus, Stanford University
Law after Empire : L’Affaire de L’École de Droit de Beyrouth

October 30
Aishwary Kumar, UC Santa Cruz
What is Political Cruelty? An Archeology of the Liberalism of Fear

November 6
Katharyne Mitchell, UC Santa Cruz
Church Sanctuary and the Spatial Politics of the Sacred

November 13
David Biggs, UC Riverside
Archipelagic Vietnam: Rethinking Nationalism From the Shoreline

November 20
Anjali Arondekar, UC Santa Cruz
What More Remains: Sexuality, Slavery, Historiography

December 4
Ronaldo Wilson, UC Santa Cruz
The Quotidian Lucy and Other ConstructionsPhoto of Sara Mameni giving a colloquium talk Colloquium audience member Raed Rafei asking a question during Elizabeth Marcus' colloquium Elizabeth Marcus writing in a notebook during her colloquium talk Max Tomba asking a question during Aishwary Kumar's colloquium talk Aishwary Kumar giving a colloquium talk Anjali Arondekar in the audience of Aishwary Kumar's colloquium talk Cultural Studies Colloquium audience Katharyne Mitchell giving a colloquium talk Colloquium audience members laughing Anjali Arondekar giving a colloquium talk Ronaldo Wilson commenting on Anjali Arondekar's colloquium talk