A woman seated at a table is giving a presentation.Several people, seated at a table, look towards a screen (not pictured).In the foreground, a woman's profile is shown. In the background, several others sit on the other side of the same table.Seated at a table in front of a chalkboard, a woman smiles. Her profile is shown. A man seated at a wooden table gestures toward the screen behind him with his left hand. A woman, seated, speaks and gestures with her left hand. In the foreground, a man listens.A man in the foreground speaks. Several others in the background are seated at the same table.On the left, a man drinks coffee, on the right a woman is laughing.A man, wearing a turban, and holding a microphone, sits at a wooden table, beside a laptop.A crowd of forty or so seated people face the stage.Seated on a stage in front of several people, Michael Hardt looks out into the audience. Behind him, a podium and a microphone stand.Several people seated around a table look in the same direction.A photograph of a slide showing a photograph of several nude protestors holding signs, with feminist slogans written on their stomachs.Carrie Smith is shown seated at a wooden table, with a lapotop.Two people, one woman and one man, seated at a table  are looking to their right attentively. In the background, another man looks one. Outside the window, two other people stand in conversation.Briohny Doyle, seated, reads from her book. In the background, a chalkboard has writing on it.Several people seated in a room look on attentively.