A row of people are shown sitting at a table. In the foreground, a profile of a woman.A crowded room is shown, with about 25-30 people. Some seated at the table in the middle, others, along the wall to the right.A table with many people around it is shown to the left. To the right, a row of more seated people. In the foreground, two men are conversing.A woman is shown at a long table. Her hands are at her face. In the background are several men and women, also attentive.A man is shown in front of a projector screen, to which he points. On the screen is a map. Behind the screen, a chalkboard.Several people shown seated at a table, with papers in front of them. Behind, a row of more people seated in chairs.A woman is shown from the waist up at the head of a table. A man is shown seated at the head of a table, holding papers, with a laptop in front of him. In the background, a chalkboard.Several people are shown seated at a table. On the left, a woman is taking notes. In the middle, a woman is talking. To her left, a man listens. Behind them, several others listen.A long table is shown with people seated around it.Several men are shown. On the right, one gesticulates while he speaksTwo women are shown seated at a desk. The one on the right smiles. In the background, windows.A woman is shown in the foreground. Many others seated in the background.