A woman is shown seated at a table with a microphone. Behind her, on the floor, sit a woman and a man.A woman is shown, seated at a table, smiling. A man is behind her.Several people are shown around a table, smiling.Several people are shown around a table from profile and behind. One woman turns, facing the camera.A man on the right, and a woman, on the left, are shown in profile.On the right side of the frame, a woman is shown from the waist up holding a microphone and smiling. Behind her is a chalkboard.Several people are shown at a table, looking toward the right side of the frame.The profile of a man is shown seated at a table, leaning forward.On the right, a man seated at a table. On the left, a woman by his side. Both look towards the left. Behind them a window.A bearded man wearing glasses sits in front of a computer screen, gesturing with his hands. Behind him, a chalkboard and the bottom of a screen