November 1-2, 2019 – “Against Orthodoxies: Working with Hayden White”

Poster with conference schedule for "Against Orthodoxies: Working with Hayden White"

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Friday, November 1, 2019

10:30 AM, Gathering at McHenry Library, Special Collections. Hayden White Archive Exhibition.

(remarks at 11:00)

Lunch at campus cafés.

Conference venue: Merrill College Cultural Center

1:00 PM, Welcome: Dean of Humanities

Opening Remarks: Jim Clifford

1:15 PM, Keynote Speaker: Carol Mavor (University of Manchester),

“Everything is Kleptocratic: Mary Glass Dances Happening (1970).”

2:45 PM, Panel #1:

Karyn Ball (University of Alberta), “After Unspeakability.”
Paul Kottman (The New School), “History and the Past: On the Rights to Speculation Today.”
Todd Presner (UCLA), “Toward a Pedagogy of the Practical Past: Approaches to Teaching the Holocaust.”
Roland Greene (Stanford University), “’Interpretation’ in the 1970’s.”

General discussion.

5:30 PM, Reception and Dinner at Cowell Provost’s House

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Merrill College Cultural Center

8:30 AM, Coffee and gathering.

9:00, Keynote Speaker: Susan Stewart (Princeton University),

“The Natural History of Lyric.” 

10:30, Panel #2

Amir Eshel (Stanford University), “Poetic Thinking: On Gerhard Richter’s ‘Birkenau’ (2014).”
David Palumbo-Lui (Stanford University), “A certain perverse experience…made it possible for it to be true…”
Verónica Tozzi Thompson (University of Buenos Aires), “The Exemplary Role of Narrative Argumentation to Escape from the Echo Chamber.
Ethan Kleinberg (Wesleyan University), “The Poros of the Aporia in an Era of Thin Historicization.”

General discussion.

12:30-2:00, Lunch

2:00, Keynote Speaker: Judith Butler (UC Berkeley),

“What Should I Do?”

3: 30 Panel #3:

Amy Elias (University of Tennessee), “History as the Sideways Future Glance.”
Robert Pogue Harrison (Stanford University), “Adolescence: A Vichian Theory of the Sixties.”
José Rabasa (UC Berkeley), “When Globalatinization Does Not Stick.”
María Inés La Greca (University of Buenos Aires), “With or Against Hayden White? Philosophical Reflections from the Argentinian Feminist Movement.”

General Discussion

5:30, Closing Reception


Organizing committee: 

Paul Roth, Professor of Philosophy, UCSC

James Clifford, Professor Emeritus, History of Consciousness, UCSC

Sponsored by The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz. With support from UCSC’s Cowell College and Stanford University’s Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages.

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