Spring 2020 Colloquium Series

In light of the global pandemic and restrictions on in-person gatherings, Cultural Studies colloquia for the Spring quarter have been cancelled. We will hold the following special sessions.

May 6
Thinking the Pandemic: Part I
With Chris Connery (UC Santa Cruz) and Massimiliano Tomba (UC Santa Cruz)

May 13
Thinking the Pandemic: Part II
With Anjali Arondekar (UC Santa Cruz) and Mayanthi Fernando (UC Santa Cruz)

May 20
World Without Clouds
With Steven Gonzalez (MIT), Jia Hui Lee (MIT), Luísa Reis-Castro (MIT), Gabrielle Robbins (MIT), Julianne Yip (Independent Scholar), and Donna Haraway (UC Santa Cruz)

May 27
Thinking Through Television in a Pandemic
With Lynne Joyrich (Brown University)

June 3
The Pandemic and the University to Come: A Collective Action
With Jody Greene (UC Santa Cruz)

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